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A Frame System

A frame system is one of laboratory benches, consisting from box profile with dimensions of 30x50x2 mm and causing a propagation of the load weight to all the system thanks to the assembly of cabinets to these profiles and, with a high demand attraction.

The conveyor system is covered with epoxy giving to the materials under its effect, some properties such as durability and being easily cleaned up and is subsequently oven dried with electro static dye for 30 minutes and under a temperature of 200°C. By this means, a system having durability for long years and being easily cleaned up would come insight.

As is in the C Frame system, there is a adjustable pingo system ensuring the bench to be carried to the weighing machine below the carrying legs of a A frame system and to be affected at a minimum level from any deformations on the ground.

There is an instalment gap with a dimension of 15 cm, making possible the installation to be connected to the system, which is necessary on the back side of the A frame systems.