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Bio Safety Cabinets

The main intended use of bio safety cabinets is to provide a supreme level protection for user, product and environment. In direction of this goal, it is designed in types of Class I, Class II, A2 and Class II B2.

The exterior trunk of the instrument is produced in galvanized steel giving a wooden appearance to the steel and dyed with epoxy dye in order to increase its durability.

The working area and platform of the instrument have been produced in stainless steel with 304 Quality. This platform consists from 3 different parts and harbours a property of auto-claving.

There are 2 pieces ıp55 electric outlets within the bio safety cabinets and it is possible to mount to them 1 piece gas stopcock as per order.

A courtesy lamp and an uv lamp are available in the front cover of the instrument. As result of the fact that the lamps take place in the front side, they do not consist any impediment for the air- flow system.

As in the front panel, there are a LCD control panel and a filter time counter.

The bio safety cabinets are produced on two main dimensions. These dimensions are respectively 90*70*150+70 cm  and 120*70*150+70 cm.