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C Frame System

The C frame model as one of most important benches that are mostly preferred for laboratory systems is one of irreplaceable components of a laboratory Project due to its functional properties. Together with its property as modular system and as being demountable without trouble when required, it is a fairly functional laboratory bench.

The C frame model other than such properties plays an important role with the design advantages that it has and in respect of keeping hygienic the laboratories. The fact that the cabinets are located 18 cm higher than the platform make possible the below sides of the cabinet to be easily cleaned.

The C frame system consisting from box profiles of 40*60*2 ensures the cabinets to be hanged from one side and from above. This property causes the weight to get spread to the profile system by preventing the whole load weights to be loaded on the cabinets.

The conveyor system coated with epoxy giving to the products, some properties such as being easily cleaned up and as durability is oven dried subsequently with electro static dye for 30 minutes in a temperature of 200° C.  In doing so, the conveyor system becomes more durable and is more easily cleaned up.

Below the bench legs, there is an adjustable pingo system so that it could not be affected any deformations on the ground.
Consequently,  in the back side of the C frame system, there is an installation gap with a dimension of 15 cm in order that necessary installations could be connected.