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Galvanised Steel Frame System

The leg system in sheet iron has got a nature more original than all other laboratory systems. It is composed by bending the galvanised sheet iron of 2 mm instead of box profile and converting into a profile. The cabinets are suspended to the system via bolt path and it is fixed to the pingo system, in the lower side.

As is in all systems, it is coated with epoxy giving to the system, some properties such as durability for long years and being easily cleaned up and it is oven dried with electro static dye during 30 minutes in 200°C. Beside this method being applied in all systems within our body, the working life of the system would be long and high many times more, compared to other systems. On the other hand, by adding a property of dirt-repellent, it procures important advantages on subject of hygiene.

Nevertheless, in our systems, there is a pingo system adjustable in the carrying legs in order not to be affected from situations such as taking the bench onto the weighing machine and the deformations on the ground.